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Discussion on: In Defense of Big O

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

I'm over a decade into my career and I still can't remember Big O. I would have to make a video tutorial series just to prove I had the knowledge at one point because its information that just doesn't stick.

That handful of times I needed to optimize something it was very easy to find that information online.

I literally use Cracking The Coding Interview to prop up my monitor and I've gotten more value out of that.

We can agree that there is value in knowing Big O and algorithms though it's questionable its effectiveness of choosing good candidates in the interview process.

Its normally boils down to "I took CompSci in Uni and they drilled me on these things, and so you need to know what I know and think like I think or you must not be able to program"

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Joe Zack Author

I'd watch that series!