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I started swimming a few times a week about 3 or 4 months ago and I'm really happy and surprised at my progress! I've gone from barely scraping 10-15 lengths to doing 70+ in well under an hour with bags of energy to spare. It's great to unwind with swimming, the repetitive motion means I can focus my mind on other things (aside from counting lengths, of course) and sometimes that stuff might be work related or might not. A while ago I left work with a big nasty headache that I'd had all day, I was reluctant to go swimming but in the end I decided to and after half an hour in the pool my headache had lifted and my mood with it. I needed to get my head out of the computer, literally and figuratively and it was perfect.

I'm also walking to and from work most days which is around 5 miles, I use this time to squeeze in the odd podcast or just enjoy some music and set myself up for the day. I ditched the car back in the summer to improve my fitness but walking also helps wake me up for the day ahead.

Oh and thanks Ben for linking to the Tim Berners-Lee book. I'm definitely going to check that out.

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