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Code Trends 0.0.1

Welcome to the first edition of code trends. I’m going to give you the rundown on the most popular repos this week to keep you sharp, so you can pretend to understand what that new hire is talking about. Or maybe it’ll spark your next big idea. Let’s get to it.

State of Machine Learning. 🤗 Huggingface is still crushing it with their NLP models and open source code. If this name is new to you, I urge you take a look. They have a ton of great off the shelf models.

Republic of Javascript. A new state management library from Facebook called Recoil. The only benefit I can see from this is that it’s from Facebook, creators of React, and looks extremely well thought out. If you’re a hardcore React fan, it’s also going to be compatible with Concurrent Mode . That being said, popping this sucker into your ugly legacy app isn’t going to fix it.

WebRTC on the rise. Looking to build a video conferencing solution but ffmpeg and gstreamer make you want to run? MediaSoup is a newcomer on the trending list helping you build the video conferencing solution of your dreams.

Department of Getting More Smart And More Better

  • Torture yourself with these algorithms in C++ and these ones in C and these ones in Python. As long as employers keep pretending this matters, it will always be popular to have a repo of well documented algos.
  • 🤷‍♀️ Lots of people want to learn Go.
  • Rust is awesome


If you have any suggestions or haterade, yell at me on twitter (

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