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Open Source Material UI React Component Builder

andrewpierno profile image Andrew Pierno ・1 min read

Hi everyone,

Today I open sourced part of a nocode web app builder I made. This is just the core drag and drop component builder. I struggled for the past year to get the nocode web app builder off the ground and so am chopping it for parts and open sourcing them to see if there's interest.

It's on Product Hunt today, if you have a few minutes to vote :)

It works like you'd expect it to if you're familiar with material ui.

Live Demo

Drag and drop material ui components on to the page. you can even style them!


Toggle between the elemets, the editor, and a tree view


Click the code tab when you're ready. Your scaffold awaits!


Hope this saves a little time for you on your next React/Material UI project!



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That's awesome, well done!

I see great potential here. It would be amazing if we had some ability to write business logic somewhere in between, but that's a whole another story :)

What were the most challenging parts?