Looking for a JS job in LA?

andrewpierno profile image Andrew Pierno ・1 min read

Hi Everyone,

I'm Andrew, CTO of a computer vision startup in LA. I've been helping a few friends source great JS devs for their companies and am now looking to help a few others outside my network.

If you're great at React, Vue, React Native, or Nodejs and are looking for a job in LA, I'd love to speak to you.





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Hey Andrew~

Submitting a job offering as an article isn't ideal as folks are generally expecting to read full posts with some actionable info or discourse (i.e. tutorials, editorials, tool lists ,etc).

However, DEV Listings is perfect for this. Consider sharing your sharing job Listings here - dev.to/listings/jobs and perhaps you'll have better luck. Also, you might want to check out - dev.to/listings/forhire for potential candidates to reach out to.

Hope this helps!