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Is this normal?

I started learning Java a few weeks ago and it feels way more comfortable to write in than #javascript Is this normal?

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Ryan Latta

I don't know how much it's worth comparing the two.

I personally find Java to be verbose, but its consistency is pleasant. Javascript feels like a pile of special things I have to remember.

If you find you enjoy Java, then you'll find lots of jobs in more back-end services development.

Have fun with what you're learning!

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Andrew Jackson

I wasn’t really trying to compare them lol Just trying to see what people would say. I have been using JavaScript for about 3 years now on the FE and BE and just got into Java and it just feels coherent. I don’t really have to worry about a framework or new coding standards coming out each year.

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The DotNET Weekly

That's not entirely true. Like basic JAVA you can keep writing in Vanilla Javascript. If there are new frameworks in Javascript (read reactjs, angularjs, typescript etc) then similar frameworks exist in JAVA too (spring, struts, hibernate etc).

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Andrew Jackson

Oh wow really didn’t know that Java suffered from that as well lol. Also, I guess I’m not really saying JavaScript is bad but more I am glad to be stepping away from it for a while.

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Saurabh Sharma

Well, if you get comfortable with oops and static typing, then there is not much to java and that is a good thing.

So can you feel more comfortable coding in java than JavaScript?
Yes, a lot of people feel that.

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