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I've been using it for a few weeks now


  • JS/TS development is so much better on WSL than Windows
  • Docker
  • I can use a real shell


  • It blurs the line between OS and emulation layer, and not in a good way.
  • It's still Windows, and Windows likes to interrupt me while I work.
  • Some confusion as to which filesystem you're on. Your /home/youruser isn't /users/youruser
  • Missing a X11 server by default (but you can install one)

On a daily basis, I run Windows (gaming), Mac (work) and Linux (side projects). My personal OS preference is Elementary OS and I want hardware support for Linux to get better.

Which brings me to why I have a problem with how WSL is marketed. They're thinning out the word "Linux". If you ask them if Surface Pro runs Linux, you'll get a bullshit sales pitch about why WSL is better.

It's an emulation layer. A good one, sure. But doesn't replace the real thing.

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