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Discussion on: Frontend, backend - let's be friends again

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Andrzej Krzywda Author

Thank you for this comment ❤️

Indeed, I could have mentioned Hyperstack. I love all the Opal ecosystem but never found enough time to see how cool it is exactly.

Are there non-Ruby such ecosystems?

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Mitch VanDuyn

For javascript there is

Of course I am biased as a core contributor to hyperstack but indeed it is pretty cool. You simply write the same code on client as you would on the server. Even back in the "good ole days" of HTML, you had to mix HTML with Ruby using ERB. In hyperstack you just write your front end component code (roughly like a rails partial) in Ruby. All your active record models are accessible directly on the client using the same AR API that you would on the server.

I don't think it would be possible to build such a productive system in any other language because 1 - Rails gives you so much to start with, and 2 - Ruby is so good at building clean DSLs and APIs.

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