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Discussion on: Should we dig deeper into the development tools we use?

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Andrei Gatej

Thanks for sharing, I wish I could press the like button more than once!

I have a question, why did you prefer using gulp instead of tsc? Never used gulp before, I thought it was replaced by other tools, but now I found an interesting use case for it!

Regarding the article, exploring the tools I'm working with is one of my favorite ways of improving as a developer. What I also like to do in addition to this is to write articles in which I share my perspective on what's going on there and hopefully someone will find them useful. I also like going on Stack Overflow to answer questions related to that tool. Right now I'm exploring Webpack and I'm very excited about this, I have so many questions related to how it achieves its features and I can't wain to find the answers and to share my findings with the world.

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Janos Vajda Author

Hey Andrei,

Thank you for your question. Honestly, This was not my choice. TypeScript developer team uses it as a default builder tools. I followed those steps that they recommend on the TS official GitHub page. If you open it and got to the Build section, you can see it:

I use Webpack, too and really like it. I think it has a big native JavaScript codebase, and yes, definitely worth going into more deeply as they do a lot of smart things.