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Discussion on: Organize Your Side Projects with a Single Domain!

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Andrei Gatej

Sorry! I was in a rush, so I couldn't write what I meant properly.
The end goal is to sell my app to small companies. Well not really to sell it, but make them use my app.
I'll take another example. Let's say that I have built an invoice app which will help all the groceries stores in my town. This is what I meant by different instances. This implies that grocery store X will have different products than grocery store Y, but they would still use the same app that I built.
So the final question is: If I want to have my app used by multiple users, I should make sure that for every app I use a different domain so the data won't get mixed up?

I'm sorry if I'm going too much beyond the scope of the article, I've been having this unclarity for a while.
Thank you once again!

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Mukul Rajpoot

Hello, have you figured out this, because I am also building something similar to this.
Please let me know how to do that