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Discussion on: How To Take Notes on Everything

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Andrei Gatej

Thanks for the article!

I’d also like to share my way of taking notes.
I do read a lot of articles and the majority of them are technical.

So I have a Trello board labeled “TIL”(Today I Learnt). Each list is a month of the year and each month has its corresponding days.

Now let’s say I’m reading a great article and I stumble across a section that I need to take notes on.
I try to get the idea and then I switch over to that day in Trello and I write the information with my own words(that’s important).

And it’s been going well this way. What I’m actually trying to achieve is to understand the concept because in case I forget it, I can easily go on Trello and search for that concept.

Doing so keeps me away from spending too much time on writing notes.