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Discussion on: That's why your Angular Interceptor may NOT WORK! 😥 [5 seconds fix]

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Andrei Gatej


I tried to reproduce the problem, but everything seems to be working fine even without the @SkipSelf() decorator.


Did I miss something?

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Joe • Edited on

No, I think he was confused. Look at the docs for skipSelf. I read them as: if you have a dependency defined in the main module and submodule, it allows you to tell angular which one to use.

However, if a dependency is only in the app module, you don't need to sorry about it.

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Bartosz Pietrucha Author

Andrei, no! I was missing important point! Please take a look at my previous comment, where I gave an explanation. Forgive me for misleading you! 😥 I will update the article!