My first open source project

anduser96 profile image Andrei Gatej ・1 min read

I've once read that the best ideas come out of frustration. Well, I'm glad to say that this happened to me.

It might not be the best idea, but this small app does its job.

Long story short, it moves the saved posts from Medium to Trello.
Whenever I wanted to read a specific article, I wasn't able to find it among the other articles. So I needed to find a way to select whichever article I want without wasting time searching through an endless list of articles.

It not only adds a post to a specific list in Trello, but it also removes that post from Medium's bookmarks. That was all that I needed.

Here is the repo.
I hope you'll find it useful as well!

Needless to say, this community helped me a lot. I'm simply amazed at how every day I'm improving my knowledge little by little here.
Thank you!


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Andrei, I less fall in the things you wrote in your post, but I did take a look in your profile and saw you're 18 yrs old developer. I'm 28, but started at 16 as well, please feel free to talk to me on the technical stuff issues and I hope we will have something to share. I don't know from where are you, but young enthusiasts are always interesting and I'm from Israel. Less into Node, started to look into networks only recently I hope we can and will manage to have some nice talk.


Thank you! That means a lot.
I actually have a lot to share, so that will be my pleasure!


Yeah. The best tech advancements come out of not having a solution to the problem at hand. I like this idea.


Thank you for your feedback!