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Discussion on: Can you become a successful software developer without a CS degree? My opinion

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Natalia Venditto Author • Edited

Thanks for sharing your in-depth opinion! My next question would university education, in your opinion, the only valid source of maths/physics knowledge? Excluding the fact that it will provide it in a structured way and for sure pre-select what is relevant, offer you a professor to guide you, etc, which has already been established, I would not say so. Most of the fundaments have been public domain for millennia.

Also...what of people that have incomplete university education, so credits for those areas but no degree?

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Chris Sederqvist

I've tried to answer some of that in other parts of this thread.
These are important things you're asking, and I'm amazed by how easy people seem to think it is to develop real world software that actually does something more than satisfy a need for entertainment.
We are becoming more and more dependent on quality software as years go by, yet, many think that getting something to run is the same as getting something that keeps running for years and is built on a solid foundation of modular components and well tested for both bugs, scalability and changes in external technology that most systems depend upon.
This IS a deep subject. Developing software is deep s*it knowledge if you want to get it right.
There IS a reason for the Masters Degrees people take in software design and software architecture.

A coder is not the same as an engineer, no more than a driver of a sports car is a mechanical engineer or even a mechanic!

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