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Discussion on: Yes, You Should Have Hobbies Outside of Code

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Angela Whisnant

Crocheter, Knitter, Spinner, etc...if you can do it with yarn, I pretty much do! I am enjoying your posts, Ashlee, and you make a very good point. Burn out happens when we neglect our needs for other things like work, care-giving, etc...(the list is very long). I am a caregiver, so I have learned the hard way how important it is to spend time with friends and family, practice a hobby, basically do all the things for ourselves necessary to support life like eat, shower, shave, exercise, etc...Thanks for the reminder and thanks for voicing how overwhelming it feels to think you need to learn every new language, framework, be an employable web developer...that's been really bugging me. I'm glad I'm not the only one.