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Antonio J.
Antonio J.

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Started with Unity 2D Game Dev

This week I started learning the basics for Unity 2D Game Development. When I was in college I learned with a few Unity courses and created a 3D Space shooter.πŸš€

I studied Java in college so C# wasn't that hard to use. I love videogames since childhood, I'm a Nintendo fan and I was completely amazed by how physics and programming have control over characters, enemies, animations and many more. Due to this worldwide crisis Unity Learn Premium is free for three months, the perfect moment to brush up the Unity3D knowledge.
I'm following different Unity Learn courses and projects, also I'm doing the Domestika's course for 2D Games.πŸ‘Ύ

If you have any content recommendations to learn more about unity and games, I'm looking forward to completing these courses and keep posting my learnings. πŸ’­


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Hi Antonio, I am just like I just started also would you like us to learn together I am looking for people to start a community for game dev begginers.

If you have a discord send me an invite?