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Discussion on: Ten Tips for How YOU Can Make Your Workplace Friendlier for Women

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Anna J McDougall Author

Yeah, unfortunately I think that's a case of your workplace suffering from the errors of others. A lot of women have learned not to bother trying if they're getting interrupted a lot, or they feel like they're being "a pain" if they keep talking after that point. It's part of why being conscious of giving them space to finish their thoughts, and showing that you're actively interested in them, is even more important than it is for male colleagues. The respect is the same, but because of bad experiences we all have to be conscious to show that the respect is there a bit more than we would otherwise.

To my mind, it's worth the effort because it means we as a company/workplace don't miss out on ideas or opinions which could make our product better.

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Edoardo Tenani

100% agreed!

I also really dislike thinking I'm shutting someone down "by accident", or without even noticing.
Creating and reiterating a culture of listening is a key aspect of this in my opinion.