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Discussion on: What should I do when I get hit on by colleagues?

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Anna Rankin

I'm sorry you have to deal with this nonsense - and make no mistake, it is nonsense and you should not have to worry about it, your response to it, or the other party's response to your response, so on and so forth.

In your shoes, I've done the whole "change the subject" thing with varying degrees of success. You don't need to feel shame, embarrassment, or remorse saying "Let's keep this professional!" or "Hey, that's not the way I want to talk with my coworkers, ok?" or (mileage may vary with this one), I've had some luck with a gentle aside: "Please stop reminding me of my gender." That one seems to make folks stop and think (sometimes :/).

Regardless of how you handle these situations, please remember - you weren't the one who got yourself into it. Please don't be afraid to reach out for help from people that you trust whenever this happens!