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My situation is different but I can still relate to this article somewhat - I work with a team but we all work on projects solo. Being a new developer, I wish we could move towards team based development just so I can see how our more experienced programmers tackle a project and get feedback on my code. It's can be difficult for other programmers do review of my code when they don't have any visibility of my projects and their requirements. At the same time, I realize I am lucky that I get to work in a team and I'm able to ask my co-workers questions and brainstorm on possible solutions when stuck on an issue.

One idea I had was to ask if anyone from my team could join a team-based web dev contest, and some volunteered so it'll be a nice practice in team programming. Sometimes if a developer is unable to find a team, they'll pair you with someone. (Example of such contests - air-rallies.org/compete/). It may be something for you to consider, to work on projects w/ fellow devs.

At the same time, thank god for resources like Stack Overflow, dev.to and the like!

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