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Discussion on: I failed an interview because of an algorithm

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Annie Taylor Chen

Sigh* This just sounds like a typical failure of the hiring process that's broken. The only reason I can think of is that they might have another candidate who happens to do a bit better in the interview than you, and they have to think of an excuse to not hire you.

I also had similar experience, where I applied for a frontend position which asks me to solve the traveling salesman problem...I failed that too. In fact later I asked another senior backend developer for help, it also took him quite a while to work out the solution and the code was quite long as well... I can hardly think anyone can finish this and another two questions within 2 hours, unless they have deliberately practiced this solely for a few months.

So... unless the company is like Google or Spotify that has enough fame and pays enough money to merit for such torture, sometimes I just pass that. I know I'd fail so why spend time on that, instead of learning/doing something useful? I'd rather go for companies that has a sane test, such as making a MVP app that's likely to be my real potential job, and has slightly equal engineers exchanging conversation and giving feedback.