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Discussion on: Explain the different popular Linux distros

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Angelos Pikoulas

Linux, an unfertile love affair with users

I love Linux by all means and I use it as my main OS since 2011 (Kubuntu mainly). BUT I am a power user & developer, and I still have spend endless hours messing with inefficiencies and issues.

I can't help but wonder why no one is mentioning that this unnecessary plethora of choices leads to the "Paradox of choice" and makes even people like me get frustrated with the fragmentation, the misses in each and every choice, the split of the effort and ultimately the low adoption Linux has in the Desktop world.

We have

Thousands of distros, at least 5 known Window managers, another 5 packaging systems, tens of extremely similar software packages that are half baked and the list goes on. Why can't we have just afew flavors THAT WORK?

Divide and Conquer

I guess one good way for Micro$oft to stop the spreading of Linux back in 2000, would be to just fund a huge number of universities, research labs and teams to come up with DIFFERENT & CONFLICTING versions of Linux. Knowing that developing software doesnt have a full stop and product support is often more crucial than the actual product it self. Maybe they just did that and we took the bait. It's called

One Linux

Yes, I can hear the voices screaming "but there is only one linux, one kernel and blah blah" but do normal users care about the "kernel"? Do they even know what it is? I personally dont care that much either when shit hits the fan and my eGPU crashes my box. Users want things to "just work" and with Linux there will always be things that don't work out of the box and need a lot of work. And my point is that the main culprit is lack of coordination due to fragmentation.

That's my 5c.