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Discussion on: Linux aliases set up simple!

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Jack Giffin • Edited on

Two important edits:

  1. Combine steps one and two. There's no reason to separate them:

    nano ~/.bashrc

    For step #3:

    . ~/.bashrc

    . should be introduced to readers, not source. The source command is a bashism and should be avoided in favour of . so that readers gain a more generalized and useful knowledge.

  2. Clarify that alias expansion is not standard POSIX and only works for bash in conjunction with the shopt -s expand_aliases bash option (which happens to be enabled by default). It's safe if you follow your steps because only bash will read ~/.bashrc, but I and some other people take examples from posts we read and apply them elsewhere, so this is important notice.

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Ivaylo Ivanov Author

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will take it into account.