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re: Your english is great! Any chance you could think of an example of where you found hidden coupling? Also, what purpose are your integration tests s...

Thanks! I'm always worried about not making sense because English not being my native language.

Usually, I found hidden coupling at the early stages of developing providers (in the sense of MySQL, RabbitMQ or a microservice) architecture to hide that accidental complexity. Like, the other day I was connecting a microservice to a legacy one that had a logical coupling (it wasn't so micro) and the provider class was reflecting that coupling.

For me, Integration Tests are a tool that ensures that the software being developed does what it says. It is important the part of "software being developed" anything outside it should be mocked. I usually code APIs (Postman is all the frontend I need :P) so, my Integration Tests are usually a bunch of HTTP calls with assertions for the replies.

I use NodeJs most of the time and use Nock and Supertest

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