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Discussion on: Suggest me the right Linux distro

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I'm one of those Linux fans who has tested, if not all, many Linux distributions, and by many I mean that I spent whole days downloading, testing and customizing distros. They are all incredible projects; they are all brothers, in order to give the world the opportunity of a fantastic operating system like GNU/Linux; however, after trying lots of distros, and almost deciding for the incomparable Manjaro, I returned to where I started: Linux Mint. Linux Mint fills the hole I found in every distro, it does it in a subtle and efficient way. I'm one of those who hates the popular, and I didn't like Ubuntu, but finally Linux Mint based on it, has given me everything I need.
But finally, the usual answer is: your distro is the one that meets your needs and tastes.

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Abhijit Hota Author

Lots of Love for Mint, I see!