Discussion on: What Are Your Career Goals?

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Antonin Januska

I love this discussion!

I honestly want to start creating work that I have dreamed about for years. I love working on products as my full-time job but I'd like to build my own product, too. I have a few things going and I can't wait to see it pan out.

Everything is ambitious and I think that's what keeps me going. The other thing that keeps me is seeing people succeed with ideas similar to mine. I wanted to build a Dev-only medium-like site but never committed to it and (wrongly) believed that developers like having their own blogging silos and then check this site out. It's like a dream come true for a developer and for someone who wanted to build a similar product, it's validation that my ideas aren't terrible.

Outside of that, I want to do a ton of game development. I've found it incredibly difficult to get into that space but slowly and surely, I'm making progress. Maybe a decade from now, I'll release a game that I'm really proud of.

As for my advice: I've found it incredibly motivating to use my programming skills to support my other interests. I love writing. I've written 5+ books. But I hate UX of most writing editors which lead to me writing a novel in my own markdown/electron app.