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Discussion on: Why Facebook's api starts with a for loop

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Antony Garand Author

So, after writing up a full article, including a reference section and links through the post, having a link towards a search result page is a lack of effort on my part and an insult to the readers?

That's my writing style and if you don't like it, you're free to not read it or not click on the links, specially since there should be a link preview on the bottom left corner of your browser.

Finally, considering this article has over 65k views and you're the only negative comment, I would consider you to be the exception.

Hope you enjoyed the article, but please provide your comments in a more constructive manner next time I include a link!

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𝓣𝓸-𝓢𝓸𝓼 • Edited

I'm sorry if you consider my comment "negative" that was not the intention, it was a trivial request. The lmddgtfy link just came off really condescending to me so I over reacted, apologies for that. I instantly close any links that go to let me search that for you sites as the website has a nice little "That wasn't so hard was it?" message right before it clicks search. After being insulted by this many times I had assumed that the duck duck go version did the same thing and closed the page before it even clicked search.

"please provide your comments in a more constructive manner next time I include a link!"
Ok, instead of providing a lmddgtfy link with a lengthy 5 second animation suggesting that the reader lacks the brain power to search themselves. Just do a direct link to the search result like so, it's faster and more direct.

Although if someone is interested in the topic they will search for it themselves, it seems a little redundant to open a search result for an article. Try linking in other interesting reads related to the topic, maybe even some ones. Hope that's constructive enough for you. :)

I did love the article though!