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Scott! First time caller, long time listener. But seriously, you're a great voice for social justice and I appreciate the way you use your platform to highlight issues in communities that you might not necessarily belong to. What inspired you to become this person?


Great question. Scott, your platform is huge and I, as a black woman in this industry, am grateful to have your voice in my corner.


My pleasure, and I'm happy that we're in this industry together!


Not sure, I've always been this guy. I think that people in the majority can easily forget what it's like to be in the minority. I think it's also easy to for some to forget that YOUR success isn't to my detriment. Your rise isn't my fall. I do my best to "lend my privilege" (age, experience, gender, ability, race, etc) whenever I can do lift up the voices of folks who may be missing one or more of those privileges.

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