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Discussion on: My beginner’s guide to choosing a laptop for programming

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Anton Frattaroli

8gb ram gives me blue screen occasionally. 12gb works. I haven't noticed a difference with an SSD over platters. Both have died on me at least once. But it needs to be at least 256gb. I haven't kept up with processors, but I've found an i3 doesn't cut it, an i5 barely works, need an i7.

HPs have the best keyboard layout. My Dell doesn't have proper home/end keys. I do like that the Dell has separate click buttons from the touchpad.

Big issue for me is cooling. HP stays cool, Dell gets hot.

I usually have a browser with a dozen tabs open, 3 instances of visual studio and web server, databases running - along with the usual assortment of outlook, onenote, skype, etc.