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Discussion on: Rendering Arrays in React

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Anu Shibin Joseph Raj

Ahh so this must be the culprit in my issue. I have seen that when a single object in my array changes, the whole mapped output refreshes. Could this be because I am not using an unique ID?

And I think this also means that I have to modify my array to look something like this:

const animalList=[
{id: 'a5cr', name: 'Lion'},
{id: 'hh4l', name: 'Tiger'},
{id: 'as78', name: 'Elephant'},
{id: '4ert', name: 'Giraffe'}

Am I right?

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Jeremy Marx

Yea, that's the idea. I would use a package like uuid to generate the ids, since the amount on items in the array could grow.