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Discussion on: How did you land your first job as a junior?

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After burning out in fintech customer support after 6 years, I quit and spent around a year with Colt Steele's web dev bootcamp and then learning via Youtube tutorials. Made a few static websites and started desperately applying for junior positions armed with only vanilla CSS/JS/jQuery.

I don't even have a degree in anything, it was a fool's dream! From the refused applications and tech tasks I realised quite soon that knowing at least one of the Front End frameworks is necessary as well before even being considered. But just as I was ready to throw in the towel, one startup invited me for an interview since in my pleading cover letter I mentioned wanting to be even just an intern, if possible, for the possibility of learning. As soon as I met the team, it clicked immediately. They made me a 6-month contract and I went to the office to learn Vue+Vuetify from scratch. Now, 3 months later I am actively involved in coding not 1, but 2 projects, and next week we'll settle down on the permanent contract details since they told me they'd love to keep me <3

Stubborness and stupid enthusiasm over tiny wins (yay this button has a hover effect!) got me here!

Link to my posts describing the journey a bit more if interested :)

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Carlos Roso Author

This is so inspiring, Anzelika! You're a great example of how switching careers works with a lot of determination and hard work. Keep it up, inspire others that may be in the same position you were months ago, and enjoy coding! :D