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The start of my journey as a programmer is a peculiar one in that regard.

As a non-native English speaker, when I started to code, a long time ago, I simply didn't understand anything. In fact, I thought that most reserved word of any language were just that: some "random strings" with no meaning outside of the programming language. It's later, when I had learned English that I got some Ah ah! moment.

Obviously for an English speaker: "if, case, switch, while, random" are just normal words. It wasn't for me. (I started to play around with code when I was a child, under MS-DOS 6)

So, talking about some great choices, my biggest and relatively recent "Ah ah! moment" has been with


I could never remember which one would round up and which one would round down.
Until a day like any other day, my brain said: "hey, wait a minute: isn't "floor", because the floor is low and "ceil(ing)" is up?" Awesome. XD

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