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History has shown that Hell's Gate may open any next morning. You might become persona non grata because of your perfectly fine actions and words of the past that are suddenly deemed illegal and subject to legal action.

I think, "The handmaid's tale" illustrates that perfectly.
But if you want a real story, read about the kulaks (not gulag) in the soviet union.

I tend to think, but I can be wrong, that you can write what you just did because you feel that your data can not be used against you. But in the end it's gambling.


You might be right about that last part, interesting to think about :)

Though I find that if we think that "It might be good now, but what if something bad happens tomorrow", we can't say or do anything. Neither online nor offline, because perhaps right now I can tell all my deepest and darkest secrets to my mother because she is the most caring person in the world, but perhaps tomorrow she'll be a Russian spy and slice my throat.

That said, if Google does ever get hacked, it'll be real bad for sure.

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