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Next Level JavaScript

A lot of people have worked with JavaScript, but we still tend to overlook and underestimate how powerful JS really became with time.

The language came to life in 1995 and for a long time it was wildly used solely for web development.

Though, when Nodejs came to town EVERYTHING changed and it rapidly became the most used languace thanks to it's incredible features.

Now how can we take advantage of all the goodness nodejs has to offer??

Me and a friend tried our best to showcase it in a library we created : . It is called reqless and was created via low level networking in c++ and was binded to js using Napi , this will enable us to create advanced features in c++ and use them in JS and also increase their speed.

If you like Rust, you can use wasm-bindgen .

This is only one breeze of what nodejs is capable , you should also check out the incredible nodejs child processes , which helped in a lot of projects (even building a discord bot capable of running cpp code in a sanboxed environment) . And if you are doing more backend and power hungry stuff you should also check out multithreading in js !

I really like to keep it simple and not waste too much of your time , so for now, Thanks for your time :)

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