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Top 20 promising startups in Barcelona in 2017

Barcelona has experienced a tremendous transformation in recent years. City was always associated with Gaudi, Picasso and other great thinkers, artists and architects, but these years when people think about Barcelona, the first things that come to their mind is mobile world congress, IOT congress, smart city expo, innovation hub and startups capital, etc. This time as I promised you, I will talk about Barcelona as a startups capital and list down promising startups in Barcelona that we believe are worth mentioning. 




How this change happened? How Barcelona in just few years became an important startups hub? If you read my previous article about how Barcelona makes it to the top 5 of innovation hubs, you may remember that financial crisis played a big role in entrepreneurship and startups world here. It actually encouraged unemployed people to become more innovative, join the forces and start their own companies, make their ideas live. This movement created a perfect environment for startups creation; co-working places and collaboration spirit.

Now you see huge number of accelerators, venture builders, business angels, venture capitals, mentors, etc and this number grows year by year. If you read innovation magazines, you probably noticed that promising startups in Barcelona appear on news every week and every month Giants from all over the world invest in these startups making them grow and change the world.

For example according to Barcinno, Privalia was acquired by in March 2016. Glovo raised €7.3M, Verse raised €9M, ABA English raised €14.4M and the list goes on and on. Some of the largest success stories of the year was Typeform, which raised €16.1M, Kantox with €19.7M raised) and CornerJob with Series B of €25M.

Let’s have a look at promising startups in Barcelona that may boom in 2017.





Opens the list of promising startups in Barcelona – cl3ver; an award winning startup. It is a cloud based platform that allows engineers, architects, and other design professionals to create interactive 3D presentations to engage clients and other stakeholders throughout the complete marketing cycle and explore design projects from any angle to evaluate design alternatives.


DEXMA is a leading provider of cloud-based energy management software for commercial buildings, industrial facilities and large property portfolios. Their hardware-neutral SaaS solution, DEXCell Energy Manager, combines Big Data analytics with energy efficiency to help thousands of facility managers, energy auditors and building owners around the world to detect, analyse and control energy consumption and costs.



It is a mobile image market. Agora is a platform which connects those who need images with those who create them. They work without middlemen offer unique, clean, fresh and high quality images made by people worldwide. What is great about the company, that you can actually request pictures on your demand and in a short period of time photographers that collaborate with Agora will make a special edition for you on a very competitive prices.



Worldwide app promotion platform, which helps people to promote their IOS or Android app by collaborating with people who have engaging and high traffic channels like webs, blogs and social networks to increase number of installations. App owners actually pay promoters for each installation of the app.  



This recruitment app is only a year old, but it already publishes more than 20,000 jobs a month. Actually Cornerjob app is in top 10 best IOS apps of the year. Why this app is so successful? Main reason is that they focus on user experience and good software practices. Also, thousand of vacancies remain uncovered and like they say: “Things can be done much better if the product experience is focused on this segment and the high-rotation employment field.” 



Typerform is a free online-survey creation tool, reached more than 16 million unique monthly visitors in April 2016. Startup launched Android and iOS apps and move into new offices to house a workforce growing at a rate of 25 per cent a quarter.



This company is still very small and very young, but they catch our attention with their awesome idea: a new way to work on the go. Daysk helps professionals work remotely. They make it possible to rent tables wherever you are interested in. They have a list of the best work spaces around, ordered by distance to you. They have an app and in a few taps you can book a desk, a meeting room, a terrace, etc at their coworking partners.


Carnovo is transforming the automotive purchase process by making it fast, transparent and convenient for both, car dealers and buyers. Their mission is simple, to put the car buying process upside down by placing customers in the center making them save time and money while offering them the best buying experience. And car dealers that partner up with Carnovo sell more cars than they could in the showroom alone while reducing cost inefficiencies and increasing stock turnover. This means they can make great offers to Carnovo buyers!



A digital health platform for patients and healthcare professionals to enhance monitoring using Care Plans. Through “Care Plans” they aim to help people adopt behavioral changes that allow them to complete therapies and change their lifestyle. “Care Plans” are defined by leading experts and are based on recognized standards, they give healthcare professionals a key role in defining, personalizing and monitoring treatment for each patient.

Since patients are usually treating more than one disease, Medtep provides the possibility to maintain a complete plan taking into account more than just their disease, but their lifestyle habits as well.



It started as a spin-off of the Technical University of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona, it is a young enterprise made up of engineers and biomedical researchers with experience in the development of clinical solutions. Its main field of expertise is focused on the application of imaging processing techniques to the development of Medical Technologies, mainly oriented to the development of automatic diagnosis tools for complex pathologies.


Barcelona-based SaaS company, Lodgify, has been named in Wired’s 100 hottest European startups. Lodgify’s solution allows both vacation rental owners and property managers to create their own mobile-friendly website with a “Book Now” function, manage reservations and availabilities, and instantly synchronize property information with listings on multiple external vacation rental portals. They have clients all over the world, but their strongest presence is in USA, Spain, Italy, UK, Thailand, South Africa, etc. They have clients all over the world, even in Bali and work with companies like: Newlifevillas, Beaumaris beach pad, Prestige property agency, Petit-chateau and many others. Lodgify has monthly fixed fees depending on the number of properties and 40-day free trial. What is good about them is that there is no commission on bookings! 



eCooltra has born to offer a new concept of mobility as a service. It complements the public transport and replaces the private transport efficiently, relieving the environment and promotes the sustainable traffic. Their scooters do not cause emissions, or run on fossil fuels or oil, which allows them to be quiet and environmentally friendly. With a completely innovative system, their scooters do not need a key to be started, since they can be activated from the app of each user.

Helmets, insurance, maintenance and energy are provided. We are big funs of their scooters and believe that ecooltra may help Barcelona and other city with traffic jams and sustainability issues. 



This is one of the well known second hand selling platform. It uses geolocation to sync sellers and buyers, and has more than five million monthly active users across Spain, the United States, the UK, France and Mexico. It has received around $40 million in investment for further expansion from Insight Venture Partners, Caixa Capital Risc, Accel Partners and Bonsai.

They facilitate 20,000 transactions a day, with more than 46m products for sale.



Besides Airbnb’s penetration, one of the city’s big peer-to-beer success stories is trip4real, which was acquired by Airbnb at the end. It cleverly connects local residents directly with travelers. This platform allows you to discover a city through the eyes of its locals. Browse and book truly unique activities, things to do and tours guided by local people.



A Barcelona-based startup that is transforming the way consumers access local goods, enabling anyone to get nearly any product delivered in less than 60 minutes. Glovo’s on-demand mobile application connects customers with independent local couriers, who acquire goods from any restaurant or shop in a city and also deliver urgent packages for a fixed fee. “In general, there is no reason to buy anything online and have to wait 24 to 72 hours to receive it,” says co-founder Sacha Michaud.


Barcelona-based startup aims to revolutionize the domestic cleaning sector and acts as a leading online provider for cleaning professionals in Spain. GetYourHero enables you to book trusted, handpicked and certified cleaner in less than 60 seconds through its web or mobile application.


17. 8FIT

8FIT is an iOS and Android app that helps users get in shape and lose weight through exercise schedules, food plans and one-on-one coaching. Their personalized high-intensity workouts boost users’ metabolism and tailor meal plans to the users’ needs. What is good is that you get suggestions by nutritionists, you have in-app shopping list and you have access to simple and delicious recipes.


A place where you can find recommended books and stories for children and young people. Boolino encourages children’s reading. Here you may find the best selling books, ebooks and apps, classic tales, materials that are proved to have a positive impact on teenagers.



Wazypark is a new way to communicate with car drivers, the most qualified and quantified database of car drivers in Europe with +800K registered drivers. This app helps you to find available parking places, gasoline stations, on road assistance and many more. It really becomes the right hand of the drivers.


20. BADI

Closes the list of promising startups in  Barcelona – Badi; start-up that is transforming the way people search for rental property. It is a C2C non vocational flat sharing platform. Easy way to find flatmates.


There are many other very cool, fast growing and promising startups in Barcelona, some of them you may find here. But these ones we believe may really make a difference, making our lives better and easier.


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