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Nevertheless, Apoorva Coded

The title itself gives me goosebumps! 😄 I never thought I would be writing a post as to why I am in this field. But when I went through the inspiring stories of the other great techie women, I understood it surely does have an impact. You read some, get motivated, you relate to some and you feel yes I am not the only one who faced it. And the feeling is just amazing, at the same time satisfactory.

I am the Best!

Well for me it all began after I did an internship in the 3rd year of my college. During the first 3 years, I was (most of the time) on top of the world thinking I worked hard to get admission in such a big college and now my life is set. Nothing can stop me from becoming the next Bill Gates. Yes, I was that stupid!

Am I?

During my internship, I met such amazing people who just blew my mind. Some were good in web development, a few in Java, ML and what not! And I sat there thinking what do I have? Did I stand out from other people? The answer was a big NO!

I can never be

And then began my journey of coding. It was very difficult initially. The only thoughts which I had was

Is it too late to start?
Have I missed the only opportunity I had?
People are already at least 3 years ahead of me!

THE advice

All these made things worse, I could hardly focus. And then one day, I got life-changing advice from one of my friends,

Apoorva, I try to do one good thing every day. Read, code or try a new hobby! The thing which makes me happy and satisfied. Making me believe that I haven't wasted the entire day.

And this is what clicked me! Start with small and it will automatically become larger.

Read, Learn and Code

I started exploring different fields and finally landed on to Machine Learning. I began to read and code and in no time I started liking it. I used to feel satisfied before going to bed as there were no thoughts haunting me 😛 It brings discipline in life. And when the time comes to enjoy, you party like an animal! Believe me! 😃

Every time I learn something new, it makes me feel there is still more to learn and I feel motivated then ever. And if I could do it, I know anyone can do it. There is never a perfect time to start something new. We can always have a reason to not do it. But once we start, we will never stop 👼

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Gautam Krishna R


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Rajesh Prasad
  • "We can always have a reason to not do it. But once we start, we will never stop"

Very True . Thanks for the post.

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Apoorva Dave

Glad you liked it 😊