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Discussion on: I think someone was trying to scam me through LinkedIn

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Paul / Appurist

From my perspective, your current salary is not relevant, to anything. Only your salary expectations, and an employer's ability to meet those expectations.

An employer can -- and should -- ask for your salary expectations, as part of the salary negotiation process, to determine if you are a good match for each other. But if they insist on knowing your actual current salary, it probably only reveals that it is an employer you probably wouldn't want to work, at least not more than briefly. Or a scam artist seeking personal information, as in this case.

On the matter of trust and proof: they do not need to trust your answer even if provided; your salary expectations are for the new position, not the old one, and you get to decide what those expectations should be. They then get to decide how much they will offer you, and if the values overlap, you then get to decide whether to accept. The rest is nonsense, and you should walk away from anyone who strays from that in any significant way.