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Discussion on: 8 Nice tricks Front-end Developers

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Paul / Appurist

I agree with Matteo, the title is only click-bait because most developers know it is probably false and then click it to confirm their suspicion. Just a small change to the title would have been much better, such as "8 Unique tricks some experienced Front-end Developers still don't know". Then we click to find out how many we do know. I knew and have used 6 of the 8: small and math were new to me. So I appreciate the article and the chance to review all 8, but the title is getting the reader off to a poor start.

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Temani Afif

The whole internet use "click-bait" titles 😉 and it works ... almost 600 reactions for 8 secrets everyone knows and the real secrets are lost in the very bottom of the list and you probably need 2 days scrolling to find them.