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Alex Quasar
Alex Quasar

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How to create a bicycle builder website

I am looking, interested in creating a bicycle builder website similar to that of bitmoji or facebook avatars but with real picture parts.

I envision it you would pick the following from of list of picture available on the website

pick the frame
pick the tires
pick the handle bars
pick the seat
pick the pedals

Each step of the way it would be added on the bike similar to bitmoji.

Any advice on how this could be done. Existing tool, libraries platforms or websites that exist similar to that?

A bonus would be to be able to 3d rotate the final picture at the end.

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Brandin Chiu

Pictures are going to be tricky because layering them in a flat 2D environment is almost always going to look terrible.

If you can, using simple 3D renders would be easier, and you don't need to provide full rotation on 3 axes for users.

Saberforge created a product similar to what you're looking to build for people to build custom lightsabers using their parts. You could use that for some inspiration:!/configure

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Alex Quasar • Edited

That looks amazingly advanced! Are there any tools/web builders or software that could ease in this process? I was playing around with it a bit and it is extremely difficult to use like the zoom in out feature and what not.

Is there a simplistic version of this, ie. no 3D image rotation?

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Brandin Chiu

Most of the ones I've tried all have some 3D component, but the Microsoft design lab might be a better example of a simpler one? At least in regards to 3D space: