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Resources for React with AWS

Hello does anyone know where I can find some good resources for learning serverless AWS with React?!

I am trying to create a very simple app and would be nice to see some detailed instructions or videos on how to do this with React Hooks and Cognito AWS.

The following I am trying to create is

  1. Sign up ( with FB and Google Social Sign up also )
  2. Sign In
  3. Different user levels (ie. user, admin)
  4. A nice display of the user name and email on the dashboard page, when they sign in
  5. Ability to logout
  6. Ability to change password or reset password


  • Deploying with AWS (how to deploy with Environment variables)
  • Hosting this AWS web app with Netlify

Some of this stuff I have some familiarity with using Mongo and Express, but I would like to see if there is some great tutorials with Cognito and React Hooks that really explain things in detail with best practices.

I mostly having issues with the user sign up via "federated identities", and I am a bit lost in the docs.

Thank you for your expertise and advise DEV community ❤️.
Please share some resources or links and your advise in the comments below!

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Rolf Streefkerk

You're looking for Amplify, it's the AWS solution to easily deploy cloud infrastructure with a supporting SDK that can enable integration in your mobile app and website with React support
See here:

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Ismail PE

Handling environment variable: React and AWS Cognito

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Sung M. Kim

Nader Dabit is the person you want to follow and reach out :)

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