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Arden de Raaij

Interesting stuff! I'm not a freelancer anymore, but you can read most of my freelance history here:

To answer your questions:
I was a full-time freelancer

My income was very satisfactory. I did however had troubles with managing a steady flow of income. Sometimes I had to stretch my money a bit and at other times every payment came in at the same time. I could've definitely managed that better.

What made me change back to a traditional job were a few things:

  • My freelance jobs were slightly boring. I was definitely done with creating WordPress sites for small-medium businesses and after moving to a different country I found it difficult to get the kind of clients I wanted. I still had plenty of WP sites I could do for clients in my home-country but the work wasn't satisfying me anymore.
  • I missed working in a steady team and making great things together. I highly enjoy being the 'dumbest' person in the room and having people around me that I can learn from. I also love being out of my (knowledge) comfort-zone and I found it hard pushing for that as a freelancer as well.

I hope this answers some questions!