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Arden de Raaij
Arden de Raaij

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Quick! Tell me everything you know about Codility tests

Yikes, I need to do a Codility test for a job application (JavaScript) in the next two days. As I've never done these type of tests before (and don't perform in tests too well in general unless they're mindless trivia. Max speed of a cheetah? 75mph. Next!) I was wondering if there are people who have experiences with Codility they'd like to share!

Thanks a milli 🙏🏽

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Frank Carr

I haven't done the Codility tests but I've done HackerRank ones for job applications. They look a lot alike although I'd say the Codility ones provide more detail about the task at hand.

Essentially, you just work the problem like you would any other regular application or module. You don't want to directly copy other peoples' solutions but, in many cases, you can look at similar work and figure out the direction you should or should not take in terms of things like class structure, recursion and so forth. The trick/test here is being able to apply a common general algorithm, such as the Sieve of Eratosthenes, to solve the particular problem.

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Arden de Raaij

Ah yes, the Sieve of Erathosthenes 🧐 (Frantically starts Googling). This is definitely going to be fun. I don't have a CS background and am not the best at math. At the other hand, I've yet to find a problem I couldn't Google myself out of. I definitely want to give them a fair assessment of what I'm capable of so this is going to be fun.

Thanks for the tips!