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Discussion on: How do you handle cross-posting?

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Arek Nawo Author

I've checked out your blog post - a nice guide for anyone "sourcing" their personal blogs from - I've seen it's being done a lot lately. I personally run my blog on Ghost, so, for me, is yet another platform to cross-post to.

As for creating projects on your own - I know how it is, I guess most devs do. For me, that's where my piles of (mostly unfinished) side projects come from. πŸ˜…

If you end up giving CW a try, check out the auto-filling (on Medium) demo tweet, and join the Discord server if you've got any questions.

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James Sinkala

I guess unfinished side projects are a common thing amongst devs πŸ˜….

Hopefully I'll get to give CodeWrite a try in the future, all the best adding the support to the remaining platforms on its roadmap.