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Discussion on: How To Setup Nginx For HLS Video Streaming On Centos 7

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arihant daga • Edited on

This is very nice. Thank you for this article. I have a doubt. I wanted to make a webiste similar to netflix(On a smaller level, i understand), where i have few video files(Movies) and i want to stream those to the web browser.

I understood that i can convert all my files using ffmpeg. using this command

ffmpeg -i /path/to/video  -c:v h264 -c:a aac  -strict -2 -f flv rtmp://server_ip:1935/app/unique_stream_name     #the name of the stream has to be unique  

But Shall i do this will all my files only once and generate chunks. Or shall i issue this command every time a new user request a video. I have seen that these files under the directory /var/www/hls/live are lost on restarting nginx.

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Samuyi Author

As far as i know it has to be done for every request.