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The popularity of programming languages is very regional. I'm in the Phoenix area and so it's a bit of a head-scratcher to hear that Ruby is "popular". Around here Ruby on Rails completely died out around 2013/2014 and the only time your hear about companies using Ruby (that aren't geographically distributed teams) is if the company is using Chef. Whereas Java and .NET are (annoyingly) over-popular, but I've been told that the popularity of .NET diminishes when compared to the bay area.

Four years ago I was trying to join a team that is geographically distributed and the hiring manager mentioned he feels like he can almost tell where someone is located based on the technologies listed on their resume. He volunteered the difference in popularity between Matlab and R as being night and day between San Francisco and Dallas (where he is located).

Devs that I've worked with who are based out of Atlanta I've noticed are significantly more familiar with Ruby, and JavaScript libraries that "feel" very Ruby-like, such as Ember and Coffeescript (libraries that I've never yet seen in a front-end requirements list for a job in the Phoenix area).

So yeah, I think Ruby's popularity may be dependent on your geographical vantage point.

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