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An additional resource: The Rails X Way, by Fernandez. He usually releases s new one for each version -- X is currently 5.

The aphorism "convention over configuration" is really important in Rails, moreso than in other frameworks I've used; the Rails Way book is good at setting what the standard use cases should be. Configuration is inevitable in most apps, but we should give those compromises a heavy cost when considering them.

I would also recommend "The WellGrounded Rubyist" (David Black) for general Ruby knowledge. Black does a stellar job of accessibly covering the language and it's nuances.

The biggest mistake I see new Rails developers do (in my 8 years of experience w Rails) is project their idioms from other languages onto Ruby. This is especially noticeable if their background is in a strongly typed language (C, Java, etc) rather than ducktyped (PHP, Python, Perl). Ducktyped languages approach data and flow control a little differently --

The POODR (Practical OO design in ruby) book (by Sandi Metz) that you link in your footnotes explains some solid examples of how to do ducktyping correctly. Her talks (on YouTube) are really awesome too.

One last thing: learn to write tests. It's painful at first but is the right path and it gets a lot easier with practice. Testing is a critically integral part of Ruby & Rails, especially. Whether you pick MiniTest or Rspec (the 2 most popular frameworks) is up to you; but pick one and practice hard :)



Awesome share of knowledge, thanks a lot for commenting!

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