Discussion on: What is your favourite JavaScript framework?

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Armando Magalhães

I've worked with angular 1, and angular 2 in the past, but since the end of 2016 I shifted to React and nowadays I make it my choice for personal and professional project, always.

The first thing that makes me enjoy React is that it is not a framework, but a library, so it gives me freedom to choose the other pieces of my application without opinionated matters.

Also, I like the functional nature of React and how it makes simple to compose functionality.

I recently even made an example showing how we can use react, stateless components, a state container solution and higher order components to make a controllable walking cat: codesandbox.io/s/github/armand1m/w...

But yea, Vue is gaining attention, and today I've even tweaked a little bit with Vue + JSX. Still, I have no idea of when I'm gonna shift from React, but as it's history has been until now, I would expect React to become some kind of pattern instead of dying actually.