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Discussion on: What do you think about Open Source Society University?

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Arnaud Morisset

I think it's a great addition to a more classical education.

I meet some people who take it very seriously and follow each course to earn each certificate and it can be very valuable but it still misses the most interesting parts of a University:

  • Mentorship: having experts in their field as a teacher can be awesome if you're interested in their subjects. You can ask for more, ask for information about their current work in computer science research, ask for advice about your career, etc...

  • Internship: this is the entry level of any software developer, an internship that became a true job or just opens the door to another enterprise that interest you. Convincing a hiring manager without a classic diploma is still hard in 2018.

  • Friendship: the most important thing to me, I have met a lot of developers that become good friends and those people work in a different field, in a different kind of company, in different places. Each beer-time with us is a good way to learn new things and discover new opportunities.

So, IMHO, the Open Source Society University curriculum is really great if:

  • you want more resources in parallel with your current education (Bachelor, Master, HND, whatever).

  • you didn't give a sh*t about diploma or jobs, the field interest you and you want to learn.

  • you already have your diploma, you're in your first years of work (Junior status) and you want to do some continuous learning or some refresh. (This is my case).

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Erhan Kılıç Author • Edited on

I graduated from a vocational high school. I learned everything on my own. I want to study computer science and work abroad. If I want to go to a university in my country, I will have to learn very unnecessary things to prepare for the university exam. At the same time, the quality of education of universities in my country (Turkey) is very low and I do not think that they won't get serious in the world. On the other hand, I want to study a serious computer science. It is a difficult option to study abroad because I am 31 years old, study abroad is expensive and I have to work at the same time. If we take all this into account, OSSU seems to be the best option for me.

Thank you for your reply.