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Arnold Samuel Chan
Arnold Samuel Chan

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Full Stack Instagram: Introduction

I've been learning to build a web app using React.js. And this project turns out to be quite awesome for me! So I'd like to share this with other devs as well.

This project is an extension of a guide I found on Youtube. The extensions are more about things I found essential to be improved, such as guest mode, paginations, and image compressions.

Published app:

Here's the source code:



Highlighted features and Guidelines:


Project managed using scrum methodology through [Jira by running sprint and backlogs, even though I'm working by myself 😅

Looking forward if you want to do a collab with me!


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Nithish Kumar

Can u pls tell me a good course or resources on firebase? Because, whenever I'm working with firebase, I'm getting frustrated.
Thanks in advance :)

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Arnold Samuel Chan

Hi @nithish_13
Well, I started to know Firebase from the free course on Youtube. Firebase very popular recently, there are so many resources there
If they can demonstrate using the Firebase in the video, you also can also follow them.

May I know what's the frustration there? 😂

nithish_13 profile image
Nithish Kumar

Yeah, I follow along them. I type the exact code that they are typing. The frustration part is,, I could not add data to firebase and whenever I add third party for authentication, it shouts at me that you need to register your app on Google consent screen. 😣🙃

Thread Thread
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Arnold Samuel Chan

Hahaha yes, sometimes it happens.
So I guess the problem is related to your Google Firebase project configuration.
You probably need to confirm how you add your app to your project.

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