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re: Great! Thanks a lot it is very very helpful! Can you explain how to install Vue CLI without any package manager? Is that even possible? Thanks in ...

I wouldn't bet on it. I will look into it for you, but I will probably end up having to finish a lightweight CLI for non-Node environments.


Your lightweight CLI for non-Node environments will have to be installed with any package manager? About look for if it's possible to install Vue CLI without any package manager, I'm sorry I don't want to waste your time, I just ask because I have googled about installing Vue CLI but everything I've found it's using package managers. My problem with package managers is that I've installed Node (and Yarn) but when I try to install any package I always get errors about SSL wrong versions or other kind. I also tried to find how to fix this but none of the 'solutions' I find works for me. *And I want to jump directly into learn how to develop using Vue or use other frameworks in my projects without becoming an expert in package managers.

I would make it independent of a package manager if I could.

It's unfortunate that you're having so much trouble with NPM. Are you using Windows? Try running command prompt in administrator mode.

You can use the methodology in my article to jump right into Vue development.

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