How to Learn Next.js in 2020

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Hey, I'm Arunoda(a former Next.js maintainer) & here's how my proposal to learn Next.js in 2020. This path is created for someone who has limited time to learn.

You will find many issues while building your Next.js app. Search for them on Google. If you didn't find something, maybe you are doing something wrong, or that's a known issue.

In either case, ask questions on Stackoverflow & Next.js discussions.

Reality 🤯

Let's talk about reality. You cannot do this in a few hours. Depending on your prior experience, it'll take a week or a month.

If you are new to web development, it will take up to a few months.

Happy Learning! 🔥

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Contributed to MeteorJS, Created StorybookJS, Maintained NextJS.


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Thanks, @arunoda !

Just wanted to jump in and give a quick shout-out about all your work for Meteor / Storybook/ Next (though I don't quite use them actively). Looking forward to what you create post Vercel :)


All I want to know is, how can I check for a cookie and then set a class on the body, based on the cookie, server side.


You can do that inside getServerSideProps. Basically you have access to the request object. Then get the cookie. After that return it as a prop.


Is that available in _document.js? That's where I want to set the class of <body>.
So that the html sent from the server, either has <body class="dark-mode"> or <body class="light-mode">

U can access it from getInitialProps inside _document


Next is quite easy to learn if you already know React.


This is mind blowing...really helpful to learn next js